We have competitive prices for duplications and standard conversions.

We support the following formats and can convert them to DVD, BLU-RAY or an (external) hard drive:

- Digitale formaat (MOV, AVI, still sequence) duplication to Betacam

- 8mm film

- Betacam Digital (Pal-NTSC)

- Betacam SP (Pal-NTSC)

- Betacam SX (Pal-NTSC)

- HDcam (Pal-NTSC)

- HDV (Pal - NTSC)

- (mini)DV/CAM (Pal - NTSC)

- DVC Pro (Pal-NTSC)

- Type C (Pal)

- U-Matic (Pal-NTSC-Secam)

- S/VHS/Compact (Pal-NTSC-Secam)

- Betamax

- Hi8/Video8 (Pal-NTSC)

- DVD Video (authoring & duplicatie) (Pal-NTSC)

- Blu-ray (authoring & Duplicatie) (Pal-NTSC)

- CD-Rom (Quicktime, Avi, MPG1, MPG4,...)

We make conversions to and from NTSC, PAL and SECAM.

As well as 16/9 anamorphic, letterbox or 4/3 conversions!


We can convert all our productions with the D-MAT & HD-MAT encoder system!

The main Belgian federations within the BVAM-ABMA have decided that the delivery of advertising spots is done exclusively with the D-MAT Belgium system.
System benefits: Impeccable video quality, secure transmission, metadata, low cost and electronic proof that the TV channel receives the best reception by any direction.

The conversion to D-MAT is faster, safer, more environmentally friendly and cheaper than sending cassettes with an international courier service!