Almost 92% of all the people are listening to the radio every week!

With a creative team of copywriters, an arsenal of voice-overs and a state-of-the-art studio CameraWorks ensures that every commercial and jingle becomes a communicative high level product.

Our radio commercials and jingles have the highest quality, but without a big price tag!
Whether broadcast nationally, regionally or locally, CameraWorks offers commercials and jingles with a very communication value.

Hilde De Baerdemaeker - Goed Gevoel

Werner De Smedt - Dag Allemaal

Thomas Cordie - Het Laatste Nieuws

Kürt Rogiers - Schlagerfestival

Bruno Vanden Broecke & Tine Verheyen - Terrasdagen Bouwpunt

Koen De Bouw - Hyundai

Vic De Wachter - Vitelma Progress

Hubert Daemen - Coca-Cola

Ini Massez - Renault

Griet Dobbelaere - Center Parcs