See the world from above? That makes a difference !

Aerial Footage

CameraWorks is specializes in the most modern form of aerial footage.
We have an octocopter that is small, manoeuvrable, windproof and silent. This octocopter can switch between a picture, video or even a thermal camera. With a thermal camera, an octocopter can detect images that are not visible to our naked eye.
Because the octocopter is equipped with a patented damping mechanism, all images are not 'shaky'.

All recordings are made in ULTRA HD at a very high bit rate with progressive 150p recording mode for highest image quality and smoothness. Guaranteed unique, surprising and high quality recordings.
Due to its many advantages, our octocopter can be used in different branches and on different occasions.
The camera is also operated from the ground with tilting (image higher and lower) and the camera can turn 360 °. Each corner and edge can be seen. The cameraman can monitor the radiated images that are filmed through his image monitor, perfectly from the ground.
By means of glasses in which the images are projected, he and third parties (eg the director) can look into it. The entire crew can also follow an image monitor.
Together with the pilot of the model helicopter, the cameraman forms one team to bring the recordings to a good end. The pilot guides the helicopter to the desired places while the camera manages the desired frame of view.