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Therms & Conditions

Our game rules !

  • CameraWorks is a registered trademark. The illegal use of this name in any way is prohibited and punishable.

  • All deliveries and performances, both written and oral agreed, are subject to the following conditions:

  • The prices mentioned in the film recordings are based on the time that the camera team must be present to realize the recordings, including from the scheduled time from the start of the event to the end of the event, including any breaks.
  • Except as otherwise expressly agreed, all of our invoices are payable within 5 days of the invoice date.
  • If the due amount is unpaid on its due date, it will be valid and without requiring a registered cancellation statement from The invoice date is a default interest of 1.5% per month. Each started month will be counted as a full month. In addition, on non-payment on maturity, the invoice amount will be increased by 10%, with a minimum of € 220.00 in the form of flat-rate conventional compensation. In case of non-payment on the expiration date of a single invoice, the due balance of all other, even non-expired invoices, will be immediately due. The charges charged to us will be invoiced to the buyer. Per request, € 15.00 will be charged to administration fees.
  • If an invoice remains wholly or partially unpaid on expiration date, all possible time limits will expire and CameraWorks will be entitled to suspend further deliveries until the amount due, including interest and increase obligation, has been fully purified.

  • Any parking or toll fees will be added to the normal travel expenses.

  • In the case of premature termination of an order or order by the client or for a cause attributable to the client, the work performed and costs incurred until then will be charged. For wedding reports, performing arts or events to be filmed on a specific date, the expected amount of invoice according to the order order will be charged at 40% if the breach is made more than three months in advance. However, if the breach occurs within a period of less than two months before the anticipated date of registration, the full sum of the expected amount of invoice will be charged.

  • The recorded footage is assembled and edited at the supplier's insight, taking into account any wishes of the client. However, it remains a subjective product and therefore, the client can never claim that the final product is not fully in line with the reason for non-payment of the invoice.

  • All complaints about delivered work must be notified to CameraWorks by registered letter within three calendar days of the invoice date. After the expiry of the eight-day calendar period, the invoices will be deemed to be accepted without reservation.

  • If a job can not be executed or insufficient due to technical reasons, such as power failure, adverse weather conditions, equipment, etc. ... or due to traffic problems (traffic accident, file, redirects, etc.), the client can not claim damages.

  • The estimated duration of an assignment or the expected delivery date is given only as an indication and without being considered binding. Any delay does not give the client the right to cancel the order or claim damages.

  • The application of the value added tax (VAT) regulation will be done according to the client's indications and under its full responsibility.

  • The possible obligations in respect of SABAM are fully borne by the client.

  • All productions of CameraWorks are subject to copyright law. Multiplication of productions in any manner, in whole or in part, is prohibited and punishable. CameraWorks will, in case of non compliance, always prosecute the offender, regardless of the amount of effort involved.

  • CameraWorks will provide the image carriers (eg: tape, DVD, external hard disk) or sound carriers (eg: CD, MD, external hard drive) by the client for the purpose of performing a particular assignment, handling and storing the greatest care. However, if due to circumstances of a technical nature or completely beyond the will of CameraWorks the image and sound carriers would be damaged or stolen, the client can not claim damages.

  • The client who performs a reproduction assignment, both integral, partially and reworked by assembly, is assumed to be entitled to this.

  • Each film production will end with the copyright of CameraWorks.

  • Delivery will not be refunded.

  • Subject to prior agreement, CameraWorks will keep recorded recordings and settings for thirty days after delivery of the final product. The basic basics taken remain the property of CameraWorks. If the customer wishes to make basic recordings longer, this must be agreed in writing and will be subject to a custody fee for the purchase price of the carrier on which the basic recordings are.

  • In case of dispute, only the courts of the jurisdiction in which the CameraWorks operating site is located are authorized. However, she reserves the right to file a claim before the court in terms of jurisdiction for the client's domicile.